Quiz 2 Ingles IV

The history of discos

Have you ever wondered where the modern disco started? Before the Second World War, men and women going to nightclubs danced in couples to live bands. But in Paris during the war, jazz bands were banned in clubs. People still wanted to dance, so they took along their gramophone players instead, and the first ‘Discotheques' were created.

The idea remained popular after the war, partly because it was cheaper to pay a DJ than a whole band, and soon Parisian Discotheques were copied in the USA and other countries.
It was the arrival of a dance craze called ‘The Twist' in 1961 that really made discos though, as for the first time couples danced without touching each other. Even Jacqueline Kennedy, the wife of the US President, was photographed doing the dance.

Fashion, music and technology have moved on quite a bit since then, but the basic idea was never forgotten.
(Adapted from Cunningham, S. & Moor, P. (2002) New Cutting Edge Intermediate, p. 71)

1. Where were Gramophones invented? (6 puntos)

a. To the soldiers’ houses
b. To the war
c. To the President’s house
d. The reading doesn´t say it.

2. What is the writer trying to do in the text? (3 puntos)

a. describe how women and men dance twist
b. giving an explanation about the begining of the disco
c. encourage the reader to have more fun in life
d. recommend a famous discotheque

3. Which of the following best describes the reader’s opinion about Twist? (3 puntos)

a. This music was intended for soldiers from the Second World War
b. Jazz was more popular than twist because the couples could dance together
c. Its movements still inspire modern music
d. Twist was never popular

Texting Trolls

Well, it happened once again. Tremor Troll had another crush. This time it was the new girl in class, Tina Troll.

Tremor was very shy and reluctant to actually talk to a girl. “How can I introduce myself to her?” he asked his close friend, Trogmire Troll.

“Send her a nice text message,” Trogmire suggested. “I can get her number from her friend, Tammy Troll.

Tremor had gotten his first cell phone just two days earlier so this would be the perfect time to enter the world of texting. “Great idea!” Tremor said, “I can think all day in school about what I’ll say.”

The boys got together after school and Tremor was ready. “I’ll say, ‘Hi, I’m Tremor,’” he told his friend.

Trogmire entered Tina’s number for Tremor and quickly typed and sent the message for him. It seemed like forever to Tremor, but in less than a minute a response triggered a musical tone from his phone.

“She sent me an answer!” Tremor gasped, shaking all over.

Trogmire, who considered himself to be a cell phone expert, said, “No, she sent you a reply!”

Tremor stared at the screen with a confused look. “This is hard to read,” he groaned.

“That’s because we texters use all kinds of shortcuts to make typing go faster,” Trogmire explained. “Here, let me translate for you. It says, ‘Tremor, you are ugly and you smell bad too.’”

“Did she really say that?” Tremor asked.

“Yes, she really did,” Trogmire replied.

Tremor jumped up and shouted, “This is the happiest day of my life!”

And so, Tremor Troll and Tina Troll became good friends. But as things often go, true romance did not blossom. Tremor’s crushes were always fleeting and Tina Troll was more interested in her hobby, collecting rare bed bugs, than in having a serious relationship.

However, Tremor Troll’s love of texting had been born and went on and on and on.

4. How much time did Tremor plan to spend on creating a message? (3 puntos)

a. a little more than two days
b. Meanwhile a student goes to school during a day
c. less time than it takes to blink
d. thirteen years

5. How much time did Tremor plan to spend on creating a message? (3 puntos)

a. thirteen years
b. less time than it takes to blink
c. a little more than two days
d. about the length of one school day

6. This experience led Tremor to _______. (6 puntos)
a. order pizza by phone
b. marry Tina
c. love texting
d. hate bugs

7. Trogmire was proud of his _______. (6 puntos)

a. athletic abilit
b. knowledge about cell phones
c. lack of interest in texting
d. buttermilk pancakes

8. The best translation for the following sentence: Se vende pan (3 puntos)

a. Bread is selled
b. It is bread sold
c. it was bread sold
d. Bread is sold

9. For twenty-five years, female athletes competing at the international level were tested (test) to see whether they were really female. Women who failed (fail) were barred (bar) from competition and told to fake a career-ending injury, thus destroying their dreams of medals and careers in sports. Also, for the women who failed (fail) the test, the process called (call) into question their very identities as women. The suspicion that several Eastern European women medalists were in fact men driven (drive) the push to begin testing. For the first test in 1966, the athletes were told (tell) to strip for a medical examination. Every woman who attended (attend) passed (pass) the test, but not every woman showed up. Perhaps the justification to continue this testing was fueled (fuel) by these no-shows. (30 puntos)

10. Change to active voice: two million dollars are robbed from the bank on Baker Street by "the dog gang" (6 puntos)

a. "the dog gang" robs two million dollars from the bank on Baker Street
b. on Baker Street were robbed two million dollars from the bank
c. "the dog gang" were robbed two million dollars from the bank on Baker Street
d. Baker Street robbed two million dollars from the bank

11. Change active voice to passive voice: Strangers stole a valuable artifact from the art museum. (6) puntos

a. a valuable artifact was stolen from the art museum by strangers
b. a valuable artifact was steal by strangers from the art museum
c. a valuable artifact was stole from the art museum by strangers
d. a valuable artifact stole from the art museum by strangers