Quiz 1 Ingles IV

1. The underlined expression “whose sudden disappearance” in the text is concerned to:

a. Lord Henry´s likes.
b. His not common personality.
c. Basil´s dislikes.

2. “I have put too much of myself into it.” This expression means:

a. The picture is not on sale.
b. The picture shows Basil´s feelings.
c. Basil doesn’t know how much the picture cost.

3. The scene takes place in:

a. A cold winter´s night.
b. A warm summer´s day.
c. A stormy spring morning

4. Choose the best headline for this story

a. Fishermen found safe and sound
b. Three Taiwanese fishermen
c. A small boat fishing

5. How long were the fishermen missing?

a. They were missing for more than three months
b. They were missing for two months
c. They were missing on their fifth day

6. What was the King like?

a. He was good
b. He was wicked.
c. He was nice

7. Which of these people ought to buy Fruitibix?

a. Mrs. Brown is looking for something special to serve for dessert at a dinner party she is giving for her boss and his wife
b. Mr. Taylor is going on a fishing trip and he wants to take something to eat. Some kinds of fruit, like bananas, make him feel sick, but he enjoys salty food.
c. Mr. Green wants something to take with him to the office. He is going to be very busy tomorrow, and he thinks he might not have time for lunch.

8. Why does the writer say that fruitibix is useful when you are in a hurry?

a. You can buy Fruitibix everywhere
b. You don’t need to cook it.
c. It is as good as a proper meal

9. The writer wants to...

a. Persuade people to buy a product
b. Explain why people use this products
c. Give advice about healthy living

10. Did she agree to meet him for a date the following day, or not?

a. She agreed to meet him for a date the following day
b. No she didn´t
c. She agree to meet him for a date the following date
d. Yes, she did

11. Where did he meet Jenny Flint last year?

a. At the museum
b. At the university
c. At a National Classical Music Concert
d. At a special meeting

12. We ______ to win the game next Sunday because we have trained very hard.

a. wishes
b. wish
c. hope
d. hopes

13. I _______ that you have a Happy New Year

a. Hope
b. Wishes
c. Wish
d. Hopes

14. What could be a title for this writing?

a. Emergency people
b. Emergency procedures
c. Emergency information
d. Emergency situation

15. To whom would mostly this lecture be presented?

a. Hotel staff
b. Hospital staff
c. Embassy staff
d. School staff